The purpose – Adoption Rights & Adoption Trauma

Thoughtless Delineation, adoption rights & adoption trauma

Adoption rights & Adoption trauma

The sole purpose of Thoughtless Delineation is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the Conservancy of inhumane ideologies. This also includes Adoption Rights & Adoption Trauma.

“Upholding basic human rights
including adoption since 2016”

Thoughtless Delineation, adoption rights & adoption trauma

To deny someone’s truth is to impose your reality onto them. Therefore I see this as not being the problem of the adoptee but the problem of the family member to firstly not understand the full gamut of the situation.

All adoptees know the darkness that exists within the layers of our mind. The general public has no comprehension about the level of trauma that adoption causes, only adoptees know. There are cycles within cycles, we get caught up in, these cycles throughout our lives and society doesn’t even see it.

More information on adoption rights & adoption trauma please see Adoptee Rights Australia

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Ascension & recovering from adoption trauma

This Article attempts to explain ascension, adoption trauma, DNA and how the three are not only inherently connected but to justify how adoption is a foreign concept devoid of humanity and how trauma is passed from generation to generation via DNA.

I know this won’t be for all of you, and that’s okay, but for those who are open, I believe that this will help in some way by understanding something that is bigger than self.

In the adoption experience, there are cycles within cycles, anyone can be caught up in these cycles throughout their lives. The majority don’t see a way out, doomed to repeat cycles for the rest of their earthbound lives, even while being oblivious to what’s actually going on within them and in the “BIG picture”. Adoptees have an additional conscious layer to acknowledge and process in order to attain enlightenment. Most adoptees know this as “Coming out of the fog”. Once out of the fog the cycles continue.

It’s not all bad there is a way out, there is a way to heal by understanding Healing Hybridisation TraumaOur intention in this treatment is to command our divine right to reclaim our mind, reclaim our mental cohesion, reclaim our mental health and wellbeing to be restored to balance and restored to integrated thoughts and behaviours. Our thought-forms are the behaviours we have, and to observe one’s thoughts will precede the actions taken through outward behaviours. At this time it is important to be aware of all of our thoughts and what we allow to shape our belief system that informs and influence our behaviours.

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