How to guard the energy of your sensitive child!

All human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions, and behaviours, in all conditions of which they are exposed. All of these are direct choices that are made by each person in the moment that will have direct consequences that impact them and the people around them.

This can be very difficult to accept when we are unable to understand the direct causality related to child abuse, and the trauma inflicted during childhood, that emotionally and spiritually stunts many people into adulthood.

The children of this earth have a lot to contend with and need spiritually mature parents, teachers and counsellors to help guide them through the incredible maze of confusion and interference that they are exposed to.

It is extremely important that any adult with a functioning brain that cares about the welfare of human children.

To begin to free ourselves we must open our heart and be vulnerable in order to really look at our hurt feelings and process those emotions. The more we hold back expressing emotional hurts, the more this festers as internal conflicts, that build up tensions and energetic blockages in our pain body.

When we change the way we perceive our negative experiences, we are able to own our own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person.

Many people on this earth such as adoptees live with a broken heart, and experience a large amount of isolation, misery, and fear throughout their life. If you are an adoptee, chances are you had a parent, grandparent or other people act in a way that directly, negatively influenced the direction of your life.

The source of pain will reveal itself in your unchecked behaviours, blaming others or in unconscious reactions.

By going deeper and reflecting on unconditional forgiveness of yourself and others and allowing the time required to heal, helps to neutralise the inner conflict. Learning how to become responsible in recognising when we need to process emotions and hurt feelings is a major step.

When we have been severely abused as children, we grow up into adults that have very little reserves of unconditional love for ourselves.

As we develop into our own spiritual parent, it will be up to us to grow as much unconditional love reserves as possible, to help restore the depletion of love that this abuse has created in our heart.

Your Inner Child

YOU ARE the true parent of your inner child, feel this role of being a parent and radiate all the love from your heart to this child, pick her or him up in your arms and give her or him a great big loving hug, allowing the child to let go and fully release into your arms. Holding the child in your arms, Radiate protection and support to the child and tell him or her how much you love them with all of your heart. With all the love and kindness in your heart tell this child how you will continue to love and protect him or her, that you are here right now to make things right, to put an end to all trauma and mistreatment, that you bring unconditional love and protection to this child.

Radiate the feelings from your deepest heart to let this child know they are eternally loved eternally protected and eternally supported by you. Every cell of your body is feeling deep warmth, comfort and peace in a soft blanket of unconditional love, kindness, feeling completely safe, secure, loved and protected, feeling the earth able to hold these qualities with your consciousness now.

We are then ready to look after children born to us.

Be aware, a Black Mind creates Black Heart

Children and young mothers are targets. Deceptive people with dark intentions know that children and teenagers are easy targets and will try to manipulate them in a variety of ways.

Religious Violence has been around for centuries, people intentionally interfere with the sacred mother-child bond in the guise of worship. They think they have the right to hijack others life energy and corrupt it to feed their black hearts for their own personal gain. A black heart will digress a person into a power Controller or into playing out archetypes of Victim-Victimizer. These people play out the ideologies that promote death, killing and the glorifying of violence and killing and death of living things.

An example of manifesting a black heart is that it’s generated from the many methods of justifying Religious Violence or Militarization as actions that are used to commit crimes against humanity, such as human trafficking, forced adoption. wars, killing and murder for power and control in the material realm.

Loving Heart is Human Salvation

The challenge is knowing in your heart, are you doing your best, are you spending time developing your relationship with yourself and others? When we are self-aware we develop this conscience that tells us very clearly, what our personal spiritual ethics should be and what it means to be a true humanitarian, to care about what happens to the planet and to other people. We cannot give in to their manipulation and fear game.

Looking after our children

Children want to do good things, help their families and be happy. Little children are very soft and they could absorb all kinds of energies around them. No matter if that energy is positive or negative.

Let your children tell you about how they perceive energy. Don’t question the reality of what they are saying and instead, let them share with you what they think. Our understanding of the world is always expanding and changing.

Children’s experience of fear can often be dismissed or taken on by the parent as a problem to be solved. But fear is something we all deal with on a regular basis, so why not work with it as a teaching tool to help our children learn to cope with what they are experiencing rather than dismissing it.

Forced adoption or any adoption for that matter is a form of Death Culture, a socially engineered experiment that largely ignores the accumulation of traumatic emotional wounds that form as normal human responses to being repeatedly terrorized, as well as experiencing moments of horror, that we then perceive to be trapped within us.

This is not something anyone can ignore, Parent, Child, Young or old, but there is something you can do…

Surround your sensitive children in white light

Whether you are a parent with a biological child, a parent with an adopted child, biological parent separated from your child through (forced) adoption.

Particularly if you are a biological parent separated from your child through (forced) adoption.

This will and does help protect and heal.

Let’s take the easiest and powerful method. White Light is a very powerful energy. It can clear and cleanse all types of energies.

White light is just like pure selfless loving energy. It is subtle. But sensitive people or children can feel this energy of White Light.

White light can create a powerful shield around anything or anyone. You just need to call it. Here is how you can work with white light.

Take out a few minutes from your busy schedule.

Sit calmly in a silent room. You can put on some soft nature’s music. Or lit some candles or fragrant incense sticks. This will create a tranquil atmosphere.

Calm your mind with deep breathing.

Now close your eyes.

Imagine a White Light shining just above your head.

(Or in your child’s case)

Imagine your child/children are sitting right in front of you and imagine this shining bright White light just above their head.

Now see this White light coming down and extending all over yourself/your child/children.

When you feel that this White light has covered your child/children say the following affirmation.

“Dear Divine Eternal Source of Powerful White light,

I request you to form a powerful shield around my children. Please protect and shield them from any lower energy. Help them to feel the love around them. Let only love to penetrate through this shield. Please keep shielding my children day and night for their lifetime.

Thank You.”

You can say this prayer for anyone who you feel needs shielding and for yourself as well.

Spend some time in nature

Take your sensitive child/inner child into nature this helps to ground and connect with the Divine. Play and be shielded by white light.

Pink Bubble

This is the most loving shield.

You have to imagine and ask Divine Eternal Source to form a loving pink bubble around your children. Start it like this.

Sit calmly and take a few deep breaths.

Now close your eyes.


Ask God to help you form a Pink bubble around your every child.

For this, feel that there is a great energy of love that is coming from your heart chakra (from the middle of your chest) and moving towards your children.

This is the powerful energy of Love.

Feel this energy surrounding your children one by one and then say the following prayer.

“Dear Divine Eternal Source and angels,

I send the powerful energy of love to shield my children please make it protective and stronger with your Love. Only Good and love can penetrate through this shield. Please let this shield get stronger each time I feel happy or loving towards my children. Reflect all the negative or unwanted energies and send it back to the sender in the form of Love.

Thank you.”

These are simple and small ways to shield yourself or sensitive children from any energy attack.

You can follow any one of these. Or you can try all of them at different times.

When your child is older enough to learn and understand the words, teach them these simple prayers.

When done regularly the energetic interconnection between you, your inner child and children will grow.

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