Past Lives, Birth Cycles, Soul Contracts & Karma

Hello. Today I’m talking about continual connections from life to life.

We can achieve higher states of living through emotional clearing. It is only possible to engage with Emotional Healing once we have achieved greater levels of Self Awareness, which is the fruit of dedicated self-inquiry. The process of becoming aware of our Emotional Triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. 

Ascension, also known as Spiritual Awakening, is a simultaneous increase of Expanding Consciousness that occurs when our spiritual-energetic bodies connect into our physical bodies.

Below is a very basic explanation of how our Consciousness travels from life to life

1. The Transduction Sequence

The transduction sequence is when the “God Spark” (Universal Consciousness) connects to our Lightbody (the human energy field) which holds our “blueprint” record. A Morphogenetic Field is a form-holding Blueprint that stores information for how that “form” of consciousness will manifest. This consciousness identity is then directed from the light body into the elemental physical body.

The incarnating consciousness identities are connected in these intelligent layers of frequency that are linked into the silver cord of the soul-spirit and hold the birth transduction sequence that is the instruction set for the entire consciousness (Life).

During “Life” The core of our identity is being challenged and tested to match the higher version of our spiritual selves, making this a very confusing time for many people who are grappling with their personality identity.

This also could be referred to as our soul-spirit blueprint for achieving our highest expression in divine purpose and alignment with Universal Laws.

Before the first step can take place, there must be an avenue for a divine lineage to take place. Our consciousness seeks out suitable environments. 

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev suggests:

 life does not engage with the body just like that, it happens as a process.

The Female Hara Centre is located at the navel, about two inches inwards from the skin. It is the gateway into the etheric envelope surrounding the planet. The Hara Centre is the centre of the etheric body where the Monad (Higher mind function seats itself. It is about an inch in diameter and is the gateway into the ocean of life force or chi. 

The womb is an archive, all the information we need to know about truth is there, fluid non-physical energy streams through from “The Transduction Sequence” as pure positive energy and extends forth into everything we know.

It is no mistake that the beginning of life (the foetus) grows and is nurtured within this etheric envelope.

Consciousness passes from life to life through the In-between space into theHara centre through the Hara Line of the mother, and the new life’s consciousnesses unite as one. 

3. The Birth Transduction Sequence

TheBirth Transduction Sequence is the exact moment that the cellular record of the consciousness identity imprinted during incarnational birth into this physical body on the earth. When we come through the birth canal we are actually imprinted with ancestral-genetic, astrological, celestial and magnetic imprints that influence the pathway of our soul-spirit, our consciousness identity and the arcing spiral of that light through time

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev also suggests:

When a a woman or a mother conceives, two little cells coming together then becomes a meatball, literally. For this meatball to become a life, it is somewhere between forty to forty-eight days after conception, (6–7 weeks) that the life process enters.

I’m saying this from my personal experience. It’s forty to forty-eight days, that’s a space where you enter. There are some lives which enter later. Suppose, see this is something a woman or a mother could feel if we train her a little bit, if she sees, that a life entered beyond 48 days, then you’re delivering somebody truly special.

Why it is so, if I go into the intricacies, it will take you somewhere. Now after this, for some reason, after all, the womb is a manufacturing unit of this body. For some reason, if the body did not form itself appropriately for that life, or for any life, then the life chooses to exit before it’s delivered.

So this is a stillborn baby or sometimes because of whatever compulsions, a mother may choose to abort the child. That is another form of thing. 

But in these things, the engagement with the body for this life truly begins somewhere approximately between eighty-four to ninety days, (12–14 weeks) is where really life gets engaged, till then it’s foraging.

It is looking if this is suitable, if this womb is the right place. This is not a conscious thing. This is an unconscious tendency wise, it is seeing if it matches, by tendencies. The appropriate word for this is traditional, we call this ‘Vasanas’.

Depending upon your vasana, you’re looking for an appropriate body. So, though it is partially engaged, it can exit before ninety days. Between eighty four-ninety days,(12–14 weeks) the life gets properly engaged.

From then on, it’s a proper baby, from then on, it’s a proper life.

Did you know the mother and Childs consciousness are one during this time and continue to be for at least 1–3 months after birth. This is why adoptees are so traumatised after being separated immediately after birth

Just like a tree’s physical roots push deep into the earth for stability, we have metaphysical roots that do that too.

It is our responsibility to strengthen and reconnect these links where necessary. These links and their strength are very dependent upon our emotional experiences. Traumatic or shocking experiences often break or weaken the links.

4. Soul & Karma Contracts

There are many theories and sayings about birth and death that people like to believe in. However, there are untarnished truths and facts about life and death that no one can deny. Your soul does not live just one life, but many.

As fascinating as this sound, there is a deep and intense spiritual connection that our soul share with the elements of the world. According to Buddhism, your soul was on this earth before, and not just once, but a lot of times. You must have heard people saying that ‘a soul never dies’. It is indeed true, and this world sees your soul coming to this world over and over again. The day of your death, your soul embarks a new journey.

Your body is a vessel for the learning of the soul. While we are leading this life, we are experiencing new things, making new connections and sharing connections with the people who are around us. However, before coming to this world, you were the one who chose this life including the family and friends.

Buddhists believe that your soul occupies the body, and chooses the life and other souls we want in it. Your soul connects with other souls in the present life and therefore, determines who you will meet again before you return back to Earth in another form. You learn from those you connect to, and every time you learn a new lesson.

Based on the perusal and understanding in the present life, you decide which soul you want to keep when you return back again. Not just that, you may reverse the roles in your next life, based on the choices, wishes, and lessons. From the experiences you have had, in your present life, good or bad, brutal or magical, based on it you may even be a parent to your parent- there are literally no limits.

Just like any official contract, your soul’s contract also has the time, date and location of your birth and the family that you chose to born into. The entire cycle includes the events of your life, until death and how they may unfold. You promise yourself and have made deals with your soul which are meant to help you grow to a higher state where you are more aware and conscious that you are in the present.

When you feel that you have found the right person and feel your souls connecting, it is more likely that you are feeling that way because a part of your soul contract is being fulfilled. 

You tend to meet and be with the same people time and time again as you incarnate here on this planet. In short, your soul never stops learning no matter whether you are born or die. This entire world is a mysterious place where everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, everything is taking place because you have wanted it to happen.

 I can hear you say why would I agree to such negative experiences?

The basic truth here is “connection”. Everyone strives for it and without it, we face traumatic complications that are only now being understood, yet some people are still intent on causing separation either intentionally or unintentionally. 

Either way, before we were born into this life, we agreed to its outcome. When I started my journey into the Dark Night of the SoulI was lost for a considerable amount of time and could not make sense of how or why things were happening. eventually, after Healing and Clearing, I came to terms with certain issues in my life. I had to get past my ego to realise what was really going on, this is different for everyone.

For me it was … Adoption

Adoptees know the darkness that exists within…

The general public has no comprehension about the level of trauma that adoption causes, only adoptees know. There are cycles within cycles, we get caught up in, these cycles throughout our lives and society don’t even see it. Without the right support and acknowledgement, we are doomed to repeat cycles for the rest of our earthbound lives unless we face it and come to terms with it.

We all know and have seen people deeply entrenched in problems of adoption and trauma separation and a huge percentage of their perceived pain isn’t even coming from them, as the individual, it’s actually coming from our relationships, and etheric energies that we attract through agreeing to learn first hand the experience of adoption so that we can then educate society.

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As stated above in part 3 the mother and Childs consciousness are one during pregnancy and continues to be for at least 1–3 months after birth. If an adoptee is separated from their mother seconds, days, or weeks immediately after birth both the mother and the child suffer a catastrophic bifurcation. So intense it literally disturbs our DNA, creates a rift in the adoptee’s life timeline instantaneously creating an unstable and disconnected personal and environmental experience. However, it can be seen as a positive as adoptees are acutely a tune to diagonal timelines somewhat like a superpower.

Some adoptive parents actually know what adoptees are capable of and as a result, some families develop egotism and manipulation in the form of narcissism in an attempt to control the will and the psychological well being of the adoptee for their own gain. This keeps the adoptee in a cloud of denial that everything is all fine and dandy known as “adoption fog”. 

Coming “Out of the fog” is extremely challenging and it’s my experience that coming out of the fog is a process that is parallel to achieving enlightenment. Patterns and cycles are extremely similar.

Every family has its own ways of doing things, as each couple comes together a set direction or tone is created within the family dynamic known as Bio-Family and Family Macrocosms. We are placed in these macrocosms because we have previously agreed to learn a particular lesson in these environments. There is a bigger picture at play here. some choose to stay with their adoptive families, others choose to search for their biological families. Others wish to return to our biological families or assist someone in the family to learn a particular lesson etc and fulfil our karmic duty.

5. Bio-Family and Family Macrocosms

The Family of Origin, archetypal patterns and the family lineage that we chose to incarnate into will reflect the mirror of our spiritual mission and the tasks we chose for emotional healing and transforming. Your mother, your father, your family, many of us have those particular mirrors, especially as adoptees. If we are out of the fog we can see those larger issues we experienced in the family dynamics, mirrored back to us in the macrocosm. If we were adopted, we have the additional layers of the Orphan Complex which is a very common archetype for adopted people to work through and heal, when they incarnate on the earth. The family that adopted you will be your macrocosm mirror. This will become obvious as we begin to heal the patterns and archetypes at the family interaction and personal micro levels.

So, of course, there is no accident that you have the parents and family members that you have because those were the direct mirrors that you needed in this life.

Many times through our family, we allow our power to be drained when we are conforming to another’s expectations of us. So any time we are not fully in our power by accepting who we are at the deepest authentic levels, which is our big fear program to overcome in the third dimension, we can be corded and drained of our energy. We have been trained and conditioned to be programmed, that whatever the expectation is coming from social or family types of belief structures, we are supped to conform to those beliefs to belong, and as a result, attachment cords also form.

So attachments form when we are emphatic healers and we are not governing our own energies appropriately, but it also happens when we don’t have awareness about our true self-identity, and we do not know ourselves at a core level. We still may carry thought forms and belief systems that come from the expectations of our biological family of origin or our adopted family. When we are in our power and we accept and unconditionally love ourselves at that level, and we don’t allow our power to be drained by others, as they may try and manipulate us into their expectations through emotional blackmail or Gaslighting techniques.

As a result, many of us that suffer from an Orphan Complex, have various stages of our ancestral clearing and healing processes. When we consciously participate and inquire on this process, we can make miraculous healing available not only to ourselves but to our extended family of origin and throughout our bloodline history.

6. This is all about finding your truth!

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

On the road to building Personal Integrity and developing trust and respect between mutual parties in communications, it is important that you say what you mean, mean what you say and be kind when you say it.

Further, align with your words by representing yourself as you really are, and doing what you said you were going to do. When you do communicate, reflect upon the intention of the words you choose as being honest, truthful, and trustworthy, as these qualities build strong inner and outer Personal Integrity.

Building Core Self

Stay strong to build core self-esteem and self-efficiency, knowing that you can depend on yourself if the going gets rough. Most of the fears we dwell on never come to pass. As you focus on building the right relationship to self-acceptance and self-love, this builds trust and confidence in oneself. Building trust in oneself and building trust with relationships that we really need! Ego surrender, all else will fall into place.

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