Adoption Equals Fear

There are certain time cycles of human evolution in which incredibly traumatic experiences left great energetic impacts. These impacts resulted in many distorted patterns of fear. These distorted fear patterns were then recorded in the various layers of the energy fields’ collective unconscious “memory”. Further, a permanent imprint is left on the many individual layers of consciousness that participated in that original event.

Is there a way out?

My adopters instilled fear into my subconscious as a means of control. They were attempting to stop me from developing the need to know my heritage, I think they were sacred that I would leave.

Well I guess kind of backfired on them! I finally saw what they were doing. This was a mechanism that they systematically used in many of my life situations and on lots of other people around me that I did, or tried to form relationships and friendships with. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Once I figured It out, I was repulsed so much I was physically sick and a whole ripped open in my heart.

Even now after they’re gone, every now and then I find myself frozen in this fear, especially waking from sleep.

In these states, hyper-vigilance keeps me exhausted. It’s a subconscious throwback, an experience from my birth that is engrained in my cellular memory.

This was my life, living in a constant state of fight flight and perceiving and believing I had no where else to go.

If this is adoption? Then I don’t want it. It’s a wonder I have a heart left at all.


It is only possible to engage with Psycho-Emotional Healing once we have achieved greater levels of Self Awareness, which is the fruit of dedicated self-inquiry. The process of becoming aware of our emotional triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the consciousness they are. In adoption terms this can be interpreted as coming out of the fog.


To begin to free ourselves we must open our heart and be vulnerable in order to really look at our hurt feelings and process those emotions. The more we hold back expressing emotional hurts, the more this festers as internal conflicts, that build up tensions and energetic blockages in our pain body. Many times taking the action of self-responsibility to process and forgive painful emotions will dissolve the energetic link that the child had bonded with their False Parent, during the abuse cycle that they had suffered from in the past.

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1. Fear generated by the system

The system has dictated the terms in regards to how adoption is perceived thus the Archontic Deception Strategy was born. The system aims is to control awareness of the diversity of possibilities in how the world is perceived. To shut down imagination. To shut down individual personal thought. Therefore fear is implicit in adoptees because the system wants them to be vulnerable and manipulatable through the loss of identity & heritage.

This is a guise purposefully designed by Religions & governments to line their own pockets and protect their future interests.

2. Fear of infertility

Studies show when psychological reactions of childless couples applying to an adoption agency are examined. Infertility can be a developmental life crisis and may be experienced as a narcissistic trauma, resolution of which depends upon individual character structure. Therefore in some cases trauma can develop into full blown narcissism.

The general public’s presupposition of infertility has been influenced by Religions, governments and their archaic views. These views shape the social norm and psychology into one of fear, shame and desperation.

The influences of unconscious attitudes and conflicts on the abilities of the adoptive mother to be motherly toward their adopted children. It is believed that an adoptive mothers failure to develop motherliness which is a major cause of later disturbances in the adopted child. They (the mothers) view the adopted child as narcissistic injury, as evidence that they themselves are damaged.

3. Fear of loosing a child and self worth

Making the young expectant mother fear that she can’t possibly parent on her own or couldn’t possibly give the child the things that they’d want. The mother’s fear … once the mother believes what everyone is telling her … that she has no rights, has nothing to offer her baby, is incapable of parenting her own baby ….. and finally becomes silent.

Her fear then is of being found out.

She fears her child not understanding.

She fears finally telling her family.

She fears ridicule from society.

When the natural mother stays silent she is easily manipulated.

4. Fear by the adoptee

The adopted child, senses his parents’ insecurity and anxiety, is left to imagine what terrible truths they might be hiding. The adopted child feels an ominous pressure against voicing his feelings and curiosity and feel that their adoptive parents would misinterpret his interest in his birth parents was disloyal. They not only experiences a dread of the truth but also the stifling of their normal curiosity.

Yet the adoptive parents exhibit a pattern of tension and denial surrounding the issue of adoption. It soon becomes apparent however, that communication about adoption is not simply absent; much worse, the parents are tacitly communicating a message that the topic is dangerous and taboo.

Losses, experienced in adoption.

Self Worth, Identity, Awareness, Inner Knowing, Strength, Ability to self care, Independence, Productivity, Trust, Self Trust, Confidence, Courage, Direction, Understanding, Control, Clarity, Connection, Security, Safety, Spontaneity, Acceptance, Belonging, My Birth Mother, Family, Friendships, Unconditional Love, Intimacy, Physicality, Energy, Time, Judgment, Happiness, Affection, Power, Balance, Laughter, Assertion, Boundaries, Capability, Fulfilment, Pleasure, Expression, Mental Health, Physical Health.

Feelings associated with these losses.

Emptiness, Loneliness, Doubt, Unmotivated, Disappointed, Tiredness, Anxiousness, Stress, Sadness, Angriness, Nervousness, Worry, Frustration, Boredom, Confusion, Numbness, Irritation, Unaccomplishment, Hopelessness, Hurt, Restlessness, Drained, Tense, Insecurity, Uneasiness, Nauseousness, Dissatisfaction, Heartbroken, Negativity, Jealousness, Agitation, Unwantedness, Paranoia, Grumpiness, Melancholy, Lethargic, Embarrassed, Fatigued, Ashamed, Afraid, Distracted, Uncertainty, Betrayal, Apprehensiveness, Impatientness, Regretfulness, Concern, Helplessness, Homesickness, Disconnection, Discouraged, Weakness, Dysphoria, Abandonment, Inadequate, Rejection, Awkwardness, Moody, Grogginess, Miserable, Cranky, Trapped, Unfocused, Decent, Pensiveness, Disgusted, Terrified, Unappreciated, Pressured, Manic, Patheticness, Furiousness, Frightened, Obsessive, Intimidated, Neglected, Disturbed, Manipulated, Withdrawn, Disrespected, Craziness, Claustrophobic, Devastated, Ambivalent, Shyness, Hysterical, Guarded, Skeptical, Teased, Recklessness, Violent, Powerless, Humiliation, suspicious, threatened, Reluctant, Degraded, Resentful, Misunderstood, Offended, Desperate, Defensive, Troubled, Flustered, Hostile, Provoked, Alienated, Grief, Judgment, Vulnerable, Invisible.

5. And the ones profiting from all this fear

Adoptees all over the world live under a curse: their bad qualities and behaviours get attributed to their birth-family genetics, and their good qualities and behaviours get attributed to the environment created by their adoptive parents. This assumption allows adoptive parents and adoption organisations to avoid accountability when things go wrong. It is so deeply embedded in Western thinking about adoption, it often goes unquestioned.

People who ignore the truth of others usually stand to benefit from their miss fortune.

Ultimately the institutions profiting from adoption fear that society will figure it all out. They will wake up to how inhumane and barbaric adoption is to all involved.

And their draconian money making human trafficking scheme dealing in other people’s trauma will be over.

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