Adoptees have the right to be aborted.

Mona Charen! I think you have got it completely wrong with regards to adoption. Adoptees also have the right to be aborted & women have the right to have them.

I don’t pretend to be all knowing all seeing.

I don’t now the finer points of in vitro fertilisation procedures and associated laws. Not to mention the shit fight that pursues that train wreck!

All I know is what I’ve lived!

Yes I may be angry, possibly spiteful, frankly I have every right to be.

I’m not ungrateful towards my adoptive family, I’ve finally been able grown up enough to realise it is what it is. I’m ungrateful that I was’t considered important enough for institutions, the lawmakers, the religious groups and society to be allowed to stay with my birth mother when she needed support, and when I needed her the most. We were both neglected at a time in our lives when we were extremely “unguarded”.

As quoted by Mona Charen.

We look at this very differently. I see the most vulnerable as the unborn children they really have no voice, and they really have no opportunity to say look I really would prefer to be born and adopted than aborted it and I think that if you took a poll of the unborn I think they’re probably 100% in favour of being born.

What lunacy is she smoking? How about polling adoptees about the right to be aborted. both Scenarios are ludicrous.

Our ensuing trauma came from the system and it’s venerability to be manipulated by people who wanted baby’s, and the people willing to sell them for money while being disguised by morality.

People who take these babies and children then pretend them to be their own. They don’t get to ride the moral high ground. Existing adoptees around the world know the truth. We’ve lived it and know your dirty little secret. That guilt is yours and yours alone don’t expect us to carry it for you. This is a much bigger issue across decades than most people realise and we as adoptees are finding our voice and we won’t rest until it’s finally recognised and dealt with correctly.

This issues is completely miss understood, and I don’t pretend to understand it. All I know is that we are approaching it all wrong and it’s linked to the role of feminism in our society.

Society must change to full understand the ramifications of it’s attitude toward the “unguarded” Babys, Young mothers and immigrants alike.

#theunguared #metoo # adoption #abortion

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