Dear Adoptive Mother

Even before I entered this world, I gave up my original identity, for you.

When I was born, I gave up knowing my birth mother, for you

Even before I knew I was adopted, I gave my self up, for you.

After you told me I was adopted at the age of 4, I gave up my history and heritage, for you.

At 5 I had realised I’d given up my self worth, for you.

Early on, I realised I had to give up my happiness, for yours.

Growing up I gave up my sense of independence, for you.

I gave up being heart broken, for you.

I gave up my creativity, for you.

I gave up my individuality for you.

I gave up my own path, for you.

I lived a life that was not mine, for you.

Everything I did, was for you.

I was dying inside, for you.

I did all this because of my love for you.

One day, I woke up and realised, I had nothing more to give but love for you.

But when I found the one true love for me, you asked me to give her up, for you.

That day, I realised i had given you everything I had to give.

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