Chuck In Your Job, The Govt Says You Can Earn More As A Muso

Screenshot from Au Govt site

Jul 13th 2015 | 2:31pm | Staff Writer
We all know how tough the current budget situation in Australia is. We’re constantly being told that “the belt needs to be tightened”. But apparently according to the Australian Government website, if you’re a musician living in the country, there is no need for belt tightening, or even a belt in that case. Hell, you probably don’t even need pants because you’d be living like a King. Because the Government says that an Aussie musician makes anywhere between $200-300,000 a year after tax deductions. You read that right, there were no accidental zeros in that figure.

The Government website provides examples of small business tax relief and just in one case we found on the site, it reads that “Stephanie” who performs in a band that she runs as a small sole trader, makes $300,065 taxable income between 2015-2016.
Well if that’s the case, then it’s safe to say we would all love to meet Stephanie and hear her secrets. Because apparently Stephanie is finding a way to make a LOT more money than most Aussie musicians. Does anyone know who she is or where we can find her?
Meanwhile in another example, the Government says that a musician who runs a band as a small company, makes $216,165 a year.
Besides the obvious question being ‘Did you just pull that number out of your arse?’ the more serious concern is that if this is what the people in power really believe our musicians make, then we are in trouble. The grossly inaccurate figures are not only wrong but are incredibly offensive to any touring artist. This must mean a few months back when Joe Hockey said we should all go and get ‘good jobs’, he really just meant go and be a musician. He really would have driven his point home if he brought Stephanie up on stage with him.

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