The car that changed a nation – part 1 (Australia)

The Holden Sandman is more than just a car. It’s more than a unique piece of Australian motoring history. It’s an Australian icon.

1974 saw the launch of the HQ Sandman ute and panel van.  It was a new take on vehicle marketing, turn the everyday commercial work vehicle into a sports styled weekender.

This is the car that Australia lost it’s virginity in.

From 1974 with the HQ through to 1979 with the HZ Sandman did Holden have any idea they would capture the freedom and imagination of the new car buyer?  The Sandman was an icon at the beach and also a warning to parents everywhere that your daughters were no longer safe going to the drive-ins!

The Holden Sandman has remained an Australian road icon for decades after it ceased production and featured in popular songs, films, TV ads and soapies, but the Holden Sandman still brings a wry smile to mums and dads that remember them but for different reasons now.

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