Denis Cotterell, an Aussie Hero.

Denis was instrumental in the formation of the Miami Swimming Club in 1976. He has held the position of Head Coach since its formation, and has guided at least 24 swimmers into berths on the Australian Open Representative Teams.
An internationally recognised Master and Platinum Level Coach, Denis has also been part of the Australian coaching Staff for Olympic and Commonwealth and PanPacific Games, World Championships, and other international events. His skills are highly respected internationally and many elite swimmers from around the globe make their way to Miami Pool to train under his guidance which currently include Ye Shiwen & Sun Yang of China.

It’s fair to say that the people who know Denis,  know that he would give you the shirt off his back, to help  you out. That’s why I’m very perplexed as to his  public perception here in Australia.

From what I can make out, and have personally observed, is that Denis hasn’t been given a “fair go” from a number of perspectives.
In regard to the doping allegations of his current 2 chinese stars. Obviously a coach would now if something like this is going on  within his own pool. He’s been given a lot of grief lately about the amont of money he is being paid to train the Chinese swimmers.
I know that Denis has done it hard financially over the last 30 years or so. I heard  awhile a go that he had taken a pay cut to allow his assistant trainers to  keep assisting him at his Miam pool. So I don’t blame him at all for the direction he has taken.

He’s obviously a fantastic world class trainer, too bad no one here in Australia is paying attention.

I’d love to see  a documentary made about this man.

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