Chester Zoo

Manchester-based Music has just completed the rebranding of Chester Zoo. The new brand identity centres on a bespoke handdrawn typeface and logotype, created in collaboration with illustrator Adam Hayes. Music also worked with copywriter Mike Reed to develop a distinctive and playful tone of voice for the brand…

This is Chester Zoo’s new logo, which exists in two forms, seen above and below

The new Chester Zoo type family contains four weights to increase flexibility of usage:

And, to maintain the illusion of brand literature being written by hand, there are a number of contextual alternates built in to the typeface…

There are also a number of alternate characters available in each weight of the Chester Zoo typeface which have suitably animal-themed decorations:

As befitting any rigorous branding programme, Music has created a colour palatte

And there are also a number of stand alone animal illustrations, all created by Hayes, that can be used as and where necessary – such as the new map of the Zoo:

“The new brand centres on a personality and voice rooted in the work of those who make Chester Zoo what it is, encompassing their passion, integrity and knowledge,” says Music’s Anthony Smith who worked on the project with Craig Oldham. “Add to this the license for creative expression in how the font works and is applied – and the zoo has the means ot make a powerful impact and really stand out in a competitive sector,” he continues, “by telling their story in a very natural and genuine way.”

Music has created a wide range of the zoo’s new marketing materials, as well as its site map and signage – plus the identity for The Act for Wildlife campaign that the zoo has also just launched (the homepage of shown below). Music is now working with Chester Zoo on updating its website, incorporating the new look.

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