The Radiators

Australia’s Hardest Working ROCK Band

Few survive the Rock ‘n’ Roll road to stardom but THE RADIATORS are Rock’s greatest survivors!  They are approaching 30 years of outstanding music, exciting and sometimes controversial lyrics, more than 4,000 electrifying live performances and platinum and gold album sales.
THE RADIATORS debuted late 1978.  Their first album “Feel the Heat” was released late 1979 and by March 1980 these Aussie Rock Icons had achieved platinum status.
Little did they then know they would go on to forge a unique sound and influence thousands of music lovers throughout Australia.
Since 1978 THE RADIATORS have achieved many “firsts” –

  • First Australian Band to have advance/presales on a debut album (6,000 copies of “Feel the Heat” had been sold before it was released);
  • First Australian Band to achieve platinum status and a Top Ten position with their first two albums;
  • First Australian Band to play more than 320 gigs in their first year of formation;
  • One of very few Rock Bands worldwide to have survived so long with their original frontline intact.

Little did anyone realise back in 1978 that this Band would still be together, still hugely popular and still producing quality music in the new Century with still with no signs of slowing down.  The music from their more than one dozen albums has produced hits and anthems for their dedicated fans, culminating in the release of an historic and very special 25th Anniversary Album in 2004.

This is what great home made Aussie Rock is all about!
Travelling thousands upon thousands of kilometres up, down and across the length and breadth of their vast country, THE RADIATORS have carved a niche in the annals of Aussie Rock history.  They have headlined and shared the stage with other great Aussie acts such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Dragon and INXS.  THE RADIATORS have played their music to more than two million people in Australia and have national sales totalling more than half a million.

THE RADIATORS have gained legions of international fans after smash hit shows in London and the rest of Europe, including an historic tour of Brazil.  The rest of the world has finally discovered what we Aussies have known for years – these boys are the greatest!
Despite the rigors of touring and the passing of years, the spark and energy of THE RADIATORS has not diminished.  They continue to do what they do best – tour extensively, play an average of 150 times per year and delight the legions of fans both young and old who still flock to grab a slice of living Aussie Rock history, rocking the night away to the great catchy songs and classic hits that have made THE RADIATORS a household name in Australia!

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