An icon of style – 1946 Ford Mercury

1946 Mercury

Civilian production resumed in July 1945, with an early start to the 1946 model year filling the public’s thirst for new cars. The 1946 Ford was identical to the 1942 model under the skin, though a heavy new grille with horizontal bars and red accents modernized the car somewhat. One notable change was to use the 239 CID engine which since 1939 had been used in Mercury and Trucks,and capable of 100 hp (75 kW)for the first time. With steel in short supply, Ford produced a distinctive “Sportsman” convertible with wood side panels.
In the film Back to the Future, Biff Tannen’s car in 1955 was a black 1946 Ford Super De Luxe convertible. After the film, the car was kept by Universal and displayed in their back lot tour. Universal sold the car in 1996 to a private collector. The vehicle is now in a private collection in south eastern Wisconsin.

This vehicle  represents
a lot to me.

Left is a photo of my Dad  holding me beside his very own 1946 Ford Mercury 114  sedan complete with suicide doors. This photo was taken in 1972 behind his Golden Fleece petrol station. Sadly it was sold before I had a chance to drive it. 

Manufacturer’s sales brochure.
From The Old Car Manual Project 

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