Logo Dilemma

Do you show your first Draft first or show your last draft first!

Although it is part of our job to provide ample of options and choices to our clients (this is what we are paid for) but don’t you think our suggestions are not valued? What I mean to say is that the endless instructions of our customers’ make us end with not-so- good designs. Being a designer, we better understand what kind of logo will be effective but some clients become too stubborn with their choices. Is it reasonable to slaughter our creative skills and instincts to follow our customers’ strict orders? Knowing that the irrelevant instructions by our client are leading to a disastrous design, we still pursue them.

This leaves us with a

BIG “?”

This is  a logo I designed at work today, I really like my first logo in the 1st draft.
However, the client chose the last logo of the 3rd draft.
I’de love to get some feedback on the design.
Shane Blackwell

The only real solution is to show you best work first. That way, you get to walk away with dignity.

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